Château Haut-Blanville

Located near Pézenas on the slopes of the Hérault valley, Château Haut-Blanville produces award winning high quality wines which are regularly rated amongst the best in Languedoc.

Chateau Haut-Blanville

Château Haut-Blanville is a family-owned wine estate and with vines planted on a wide variety of soils, they are able to create a great range of flavours, selling their wines both in France and internationally.

Its hillside vineyards are planted in the area of Grès de Montpellier which is currently restricted to red wines in the appellation AOP Languedoc: red wines with a deep ruby colour using traditional grape varieties such as grenache, syrah and mourvèdre producing red fruit flavours which change to cherry, candied fruits, and spices with a rich yet delicate long lasting taste.

Chateau Haut-Blanville

They create and produce wines which are grown, made and matured using a combination of the best aspects of traditional methods and modern technological techniques.

All Haut-Blanville wines are aged in oak barrels over a period from 9 to up to 24 months, depending on the wine. Particular care is taken to find the right balance when blending the wines but this only takes place once the ageing in barrels has been completed.

The finished blended wines are left to rest in vats for several months before bottling.

Chateau Haut-Blanville

Prices range from 17.50€ - 43.00€ for red wines and 13.50€ - 18.50€ for white wines.

Château Haut-Blanville
Route de Gignac (D32)
34230 Saint-Pargoire
Hérault, France
Phone: +33 4 67 25 22 53
Email :
Website :

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