Domaine Treloar

Fine, Hand-Crafted Wines from the Roussillon Domaine Treloar

A quick glance through their comprehensive website and you immediately get a feel for the passion and dedication of Jonathan and Rachel Treloar. Having survived the 9/11 strike in New York, losing their home, job and right to stay in the states, it made them re-evaluate what was important to them in life.

Domaine Treloar

A shared love of wine led them into studying and researching this subject until finally in 2006 they bought an ancient winery and several vineyards around the village of Trouillas in the region of Roussillon that has the perfect climate for viticulture.

Their aim is to make the best wines possible from every vintage, and the many accolades and rave reviews are witness to their success. Eight of their wines feature in Jancis Robinson's top fifteen and last year they were chosen as the 'Coup de Coeur' (favourite) Roussillon producer by La Revue du Vin de France, the country's most influential wine magazine.

Domaine Treloar makes small quantities (around 36 000 bottles a year and some wines are made in tiny quantities so therefore sell out very quickly) of high-quality wine using methods as natural as possible, avoiding a broad-spectrum of chemicals. They also only grow traditional grape varieties of the region and none of the vineyards are irrigated.

Domaine Treloar

Much care and attention is invested in everything, with most of the work undertaken by Jonathan and Rachel themselves by hand, from pruning and spraying to picking. It is this hands-on approach, ensuring that everything is done to their own high standards, that differentiates them from most other producers.

Harvesting is done in small batches in the morning before the heat of the day which stops the berries splitting and letting the juice oxidise in the heat on the way back to the winery. Each bunch is carefully taken from the vine and placed in cases weighing no more than 15kg to ensure that the grapes are not damaged. At the same time, they inspect every bunch and remove any that are unripe or damaged by disease or insects. This non-mechanised and traditional way of harvesting also ensures they leave behind any unwanted matter such as leaves, twigs and even snails and lizards which often get caught up in the machinery of modern vendanges equipment.

Totally independent, their unique style and philosophy comes through every aspect of the wine making process, from tending the vines through to the design of the labels on the bottles of the finished product.

Their aim is to make wines that people, from amateurs to connoisseurs, can appreciate, afford and enjoy. As their tag-line says, they produce 'Fine, Hand-Crafted Wines from the Roussillon'.

For more information on the wines they produce and how to order, please visit their website

Domaine Treloar

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