The latest news from Languedoc-Roussillon, South of France - January '12

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Bienvenue !

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2012.

We wish all our clients, old and new, a very prosperous and happy new year.

2011 was an exceptional year for France in many ways, most notably for being the hottest year since 1900, a very good year for wine (as reported in our October newsletter) with all elements in good balance producing an excellent grape harvest. It is also back as the number one destination for British buyers !

As usual, we have taken your comments on board as it seems many of you would prefer to have a shorter, but more regular monthly newsletter than a longer quarterly one. Thank you, we are always delighted to receive them.

In our January newsletter there is an article on the new wealth tax rules; good news for everybody as there is less tax to be paid.

Further we have created a new section on our website where all the reduced price properties can be listed. A few of them are featured below. A wine review of the Rives Blanques Domaine is closing this Newsletter. Enjoy !

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Reduced Price Properties

The current economic and financial situation has caused some owners to reduce the price of their property in the slow housing market. As this may be of interest to our potential buyers, we have decided to highlight these properties on a regular basis.

There is now an easy access to this property list from our main website on the left hand panel. Some of them are real bargains!

Below you can find a selection of the latest additions to this property list or you can see the full reduced price list by clicking here

01232 image 1 01232 image 2 Beautiful property consisting of two houses, 7 bedrooms, outbuildings and a garden with lovely views, quietly situated close to a lively village with all amenities
01004 image 1 01004 image 2 Lovely Château situated on the outskirts of a small hamlet, with original features, a park of almost 1 hectare, views over the countryside and close to the coast and shops
01085 image 1 01085 image 2 Stylish villa with 5 bedrooms, a large garden with a lovely swimming pool, situated in a private and quiet location conveniently close to the sea and town
01294 image 1 01294 image 2 Three separate stone properties totalling 12 en suite bedrooms, three swimming pools in over three hectares of private grounds with wide open mountain views
00991 image 1 00991 image 2 Farmhouse nestling in the countryside with its own pasture and woodland, beautifully renovated with 5 bedrooms and stunning views

Good news for French Property owners - Less Wealth Tax to be paid

The French wealth tax free limit has been raised considerably and at the same time tax amounts are reduced from 2012 onwards. If you already own a property in France or you intend to buy one, read about the new rules in this article. . .

France has overtaken Spain

Several reports published over recent months have all concluded that France has overtaken Spain to become the most popular country for Brits seeking to buy property abroad. . .


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2011 was hottest year in France since 1900

Meteo France declared that temperatures during 2011 were on average 1.5ºC warmer than the norm, with the spring being 4ºC warmer and the autumn 3ºC warmer. Every month was above the average except for July, when temperatures were 1.3ºC cooler, which is one of the factors that contributed to the excellent wine harvest. Xmas and New Year had very mild weather with temperatures around 17ºC over Christmas and Nîmes had a record 20ºC on 1st January 2012.

Wine Review - Château Rives-Blanques

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