Study finds Montpellier is most sought after town


A recent study carried out by the CSA Institute of 1200 French people revealed that Montpellier is the town where people would most like to live in France. In the survey most people said, not surprisingly, that they would prefer to live in the South of France. Montpellier came before other southern towns such as Bordeaux, Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence.

To live in the sun with a better quality of life was seen as more important than being close to work, therefore a large proportion of those who already live and work in towns and cities, for example Paris, would prefer to live in the major cities of the southern regions of France. The criteria most often cited was quality of life and access to good infrastructure and networks.

Montpellier offers not only a very beautiful city but a great location not far from the Mediterranean with easy access to national and international networks such as motorway, rail and airports.