Brand new state of the art station for Montpellier

Montpellier continues to grow, both in size and sophistication, attracting business, commerce and professions. Being a centre of education for centuries - the University of Montpellier founded in 1160 is one of the oldest in the World - it has a lively student culture. The city is the thriving centre for the region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

Montpellier station

As part of Montpellier's investment in its infrastructure the first part of its new Saint-Roch train station will open in June this year ahead of its general opening in late 2014.

The most spectacular part of its design is the 2700m² of glass covered commercial space, measuring 200m long and 12m high, equipped with a cooling system for the hot summer months. The new station will accommodate 8.5 million passengers by 2020 compared with 6.7 million currently. This together with the creation of the TGV bypass and station in Odysseum in 2017 will allow for even more passengers.

Costing a total of 56 million Euros, its central location will accommodate five tram lines, 3 that are already in existence and two new ones to Lattes in 2014 and another to the Jules-Ferry square opposite the taxis rank. The station will include a bus station, a bike station for 600 bicycles and an underground car park with a thousand places.

The new station will be at the centre of a new 15 hectare area with 1700 new houses, shops, offices, a park of 1. 2 hectares and student accommodation.

Montpellier station

  1. Escalator.
  2. An elevator allows direct access to the first floor with its covered terraces vines and, honeysuckle.
  3. Stairs.
  4. This gentle slope will allow cyclists to access the bike station which is secured and guarded.
  5. Drop-off point.

Montpellier station

Property in and around the city, in its suburbs and surrounding villages, is very desirable causing prices to hold well and even rise. Like any growing city, the knock-on effect on property prices in the surrounding catchment and commuting areas makes investment here very viable. While the outlying villages and towns will not expand at the same rate as that of Montpellier itself, to be near a city such as this will become more and more interesting, for work and leisure.