Montpellier - by far the fastest growing city in France


Size isn't everything but when it comes to classifying towns, the most effective way to measure its popularity is by the size of its population.

Recently published statistics show that Montpellier, the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, consistently appears on the list of the ten biggest cities in France over the decades.

Although its ranking as 8th has remained unchanged for some time now, the most impressive statistic is the rate of its growth. Comparing population figures in 2012 with those in 1962, Montpellier has more than doubled in size. The next fastest growing city, Toulouse, only grew by a mere 1/3.

Rather surprisingly, although it remains at the top of the list, Paris has actually reduced in size by 20%.

19622012Variation in 50 years
(in thousands)%

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What makes Montpellier and the Languedoc-Roussillon so popular? Undoubtedly it is the Mediterranean climate, with its typically mild winters, consistently dry summers and about 300 days of sunshine each year. Then there is the breathtaking scenery and a region steeped in history, art and culture. Languedoc-Roussillon is gaining well deserved notoriety for its wonderful and wide range of wines. Probably the most attractive reason is the quality of life; the cost of housing, the health care and the slightly slower pace of life.

Montpellier itself is an attractive and clean city, with many tourist attractions and a university. The heart of the city revolves around the Place de la Comédie and its shopping centre with a wide choice of restaurants and cafés. Montpellier has the largest pedestrianised area in France and it a world class tramway network. There are also many galleries, museums and theatres offering something to suit everyone. Use Montpellier as a base to explore the many tourist attractions of the region - too numerous to mention here.