Given the time of year, we have recently noticed an unusual increase in demand for our properties. This is an indicator which should not be dismissed.

Is it a good investment to buy a property in the Languedoc Roussillon? YES

Yes, it is, as on average, in the medium term property prices have been rising steadily with few downturns and only for short periods. Therefore it is a good investment. France is a stable country where property rights are sacred and never questioned. Currently, it is widely considered "bricks and mortar" are the ultimate sound investment.

    Capital investment that can be enjoyed whilst preserving your assets

Is it the right time to buy? YES

Yes, as we are currently experiencing one of these slight downturns which means that there are some great deals to be had right now.

    Given the uncertainty and the variations of the stock market, and to secure your capital, buying a property has become an obvious investment option.

Why the Languedoc Roussillon?

We have a large potential for development compared to other similar areas such as the French Riviera, Provence and Spain.


  • There is room for development, and the region is constantly evolving with ever-improving infrastructures.
  • The various regional airports offer an increasing number of national and international flights and traffic has increased dramatically.
  • Following unilateral approval, the LGV (Ligne à Grande Vitesse - high speed railway) between Nimes and Perpignan will soon be built, which can only have a positive effect on property prices.
  • Spanish planning laws can change without notice, unlike in France where the regulations are designed to protect you from nasty surprises.
  • For the same quality of property, prices are more attractive in the Languedoc Roussillon.
  • Winters in the Languedoc are mild and pleasant. A lovely sea breeze refreshes the long hot summer months.
  • Languedoc Roussillon is the new French 'Tuscany' albeit without the price tag.

Annelise Bosshard
Managing Director