The Musée Fabre in Montpellier

Musée Fabre

Close to the city's main square (Place de la Comédie) is the wonderful Musée Fabre that houses an impressive collection of paintings from the 17th to the 20th century.

It was founded in 1825 by François-Xavier Fabre, a Montpellier painter, when he added a large donation of his own works to the modest gift of 30 paintings which had been donated in 1802. Over the years the collection has grown to the impressive display of today. A few years ago it underwent a huge renovation costing 61.2 million Euros.

Musée Fabre

The collection is quite unique, with many local artists, but you won't find any of the big famous names here. One of the more famous paintings in the collection is 'Bonjour Mr Courbet' by Gustave Courbet. There is also the stunning collection donated by the artist Pierre Soulages displayed in its own room which compliments these huge black canvasses. The other rooms are more traditional and visitors are encouraged to wander through the spaces and make their own judgments on the works of art on display.

Musée Fabre

Until the 25th March there is an additional exhibition, 'Les Sujets de l'Abstraction'. It is series of abstract paintings from the middle of the 1940s to the start of the 1960s in Paris. More than 60 artists are exhibited with 101 paintings from the exceptional collection of the Gandur Foundation for Art in Geneva. It represents a period of intense innovation and revolution when abstract art emerged as a mode of expression which radically transformed the way in which artists related to the world around them. The exhibition reveals extraordinary works from major artists of the period, such as Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung, Georges Mathieu, and Nicolas de Staël.

Musée Fabre
13 rue Montpelliéret
34000 Montpellier - France
Tél. 00 33 (0) 4 67 14 83 00
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