A market for every day of the week

pezenas market

The bustling markets of the region are a great place to buy local produce, haggle for those little souvenirs you’ve just got to have, and catch up with friends for a coffee. The vibrant colours, smells and sounds are a real treat and keep the regulars coming back for more. Storeholders will try and entice you to buy their produce by letting you taste a bit of this and a bit of that and charm you with their banter. There are more than 550 regular markets to tantalise you, but here we have listed a few of the best ones – enough so that you can visit one every day for a week !


pezenas market

Pezenas – The town closes its main roads to traffic and the streets fill up with stalls offering everything from shoes and leather goods to a wide selection of local fresh produce. One stall just sells cheese, the other olives, the next one bread and then cured meats. Just by ambling down a few metres you can get all you need for a tasty meal. With plenty of cafés, bars and restaurants to fall into after a morning’s shopping the only tricky bit is finding somewhere to park and someone to carry all your bags.
Carcassonne – In the town and not La Cité, this market is excellent. Allow plenty of time for wandering around. Again, a wide choice of restaurants etc to relax in at the end of a good morning’s shopping.


fruit market

Narbonne – The market spreads itself along the Canal du Robine that runs through the centre of the town. Selling mainly clothes, shoes and leather goods, there are some real bargains to be had and some very ‘different’ and unusual things to buy and take home to wow your friends. There is also an excellent indoor food market for all the other essentials in life other than shoes.
Collioure – This is such a beautiful harbour town that it’s worth a visit in its own right. Close to the Spanish border this market is very popular on a Sunday and makes a great day out.
Marseillan – If you like car-boot sales then this one is HUGE but be prepared to sift through the tat to find those bargains.


Valras Plage – Alongside the beach south of Béziers this market sells all the usual food stuffs, cloths and furniture etc. but being by the coast, the fish stalls are excellent offering a wide choice at reasonable prices.


Roquebrun – This enchanting village nestled next to the Orb river is famed for its excellent Saint- Chinian wine and its microclimate which permits it to throw its annual festival in mid-Frebruary for the Mimosa which flowers there earlier than anywhere else. Every Tuesday and Friday there is a charmin market along the picturesque streets and all in all, it is a lovely day out.
Olonzac – This town, featured heavily in Campbell-Howes’ book French Leaves, has a sprawling market that takes over the center of the town. Half of it is dedicated to things like clothes, shoes, soap, kitchenware, jewellery, books etc and the other half is food related.


Clermont l'Herault – Mainly food stuffs, such as olive oil, honey and goat's cheese, this market offers a wide choice and several places to eat afterwards.
Lezignan-Corbieres – This large market offers lots of variety and its proximity to Carcassonne makes it possible to go there afterwards for a full day out.


Saint-Chinian – This large market is mainly food, but also has clothes, fabric, books, plants, as well as lots of local producers. The famous Saint-Chinian wine with its excellent reputation is worth picking up here too.


Beziers – Famous for its flower market along the Allèes Paul Riquet you can pick up cut flowers and potted plants galore. For food stuffs, you need to head up to the Cathedral to the indoor market (which is great on those rare occassions when the weather is poor !).