Wine Review

Domaine de l'Hortus
34270 Valflaunès, France

Jean and Marie-Thérèse Orliac established their domaine in the late seventies, between the Pic Saint Loup and l’Hortus mountains in a beautiful and wild valley. The land, deserted since the end of WW2, needed much attention and the couple worked hard to bring it to its present glory. The reward has been worth it - now producing some of the finest wine in the region (white, rosé and red) they have a world-wide reputation.


Jean Orliac had a vision of turning a fledgling wine region into a great appellation. It took time to convert the abandoned and barren land into an established vineyard, and consequently the first vintage for Domaine de l'Hortus wasn't until 1990.

Traditionally the Languedoc is a red wine region, but white and rosé is becoming more and more popular being generally preferred by women and for ‘les apéros’. The difficulty of producing white wine in this area is the necessity to pick the grapes at the right moment and before they are warmed by the sun, therefore nocturnal ‘vendanges’ are necessary.

In total, they now have 55 hectares of vines, split over two sites, with 43 ha red grapes and 12 ha white. They produce 225 000 bottles of red, 58 000 bottles of white and 30 000 bottles of Rosé per annum.

A delicious wine well worth seeking out !